Revolutionary Art

Sometimes you run across a piece of art so monumental that looking at it changes your life. Any artist would be incredibly lucky if he or she created even one such work in a lifetime. Unbelievably, renowned artist Kurt J. Hinterbichler has created nine of them. View them all at the link below, and be prepared for the outcry as art is brought kicking and screaming into a new revolution.

Kurt J. Hinterbichler’s gallery

Sonata for Page Turner and Piano

Renowned composer Kurt J. Hinterbichler gives us his visionary new work for page turner and piano. Requiring virtuosic skill from the page turner, this piece should not be attempted without years of turning experience.

YouTube Link

The Theory of Everything

Renowned physicist Kurt J. Hinterbichler presents us with his grand unifying Theory of Everything. Theoretical physicists everywhere are in awe of this brilliantly elegant new theory. Click below to view Hinterbichler’s earth shattering paper. 

The Theory of Everything (PDF)